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Pirton, Hertfordshire,


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No welding, fabrication or specialist skills are required.

Delivering aid and a robust building in one operation.

Smart Barn provides secure storage and weather proof shelter in a kit form. Sizes start from 720 square feet with the optimum size being 1440 square feet. A four man team can complete construction in one day once the containers are in position.

The building requires a minimum of two shipping containers; one perhaps filled with food aid, beds and blankets, and the second container filled with the components for the building including all the tools required to build it.

Shipping containers by their nature are universal in both their design and their availability throughout the world. With those facts as the basis, our kits are available to fix to containers already in the location. A supplied containers does however provide a suitable carrier for the kit of components for our long term storage solution.

The concept of our kits not only enables construction to be completed in a short time period but also, as welding and fabrication are not required, simply assembly, then the deconstruction is possible to enable removal, relocation and reuse.

Shipping containers can be converted and adapted to suit a variety of different applications.

From the provision of office space, to kennels and stabling. A container can be adapted to meet your needs.

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